• Talent Accelerator

    We harness your talent so that you can achieve your potential. We take highly motivated young people and from scratch, we help them build a career in web and mobile app development and then help them to get job opportunities. We take candidates from all backgrounds of study.

  • One Year Program

    The Codetrain program is a one year program divided into 2 phases. We have the 6 months Training Program to teach students how to code apps from scratch and another 6 months Mentorship Program which is a scholarship for hardworking students to get mentorship from industry experts. students.

  • Personalised Training

    Our training occurs on a one-on-one basis because we believe every student learns differently. Our training is personalised for each student based on their strengths.

  • Mentoring

    We believe that mentorship is key to talent development. We have mentors who are experiened software engineers from top tech companies to provide guidance to our students.

  • Virtual Training

    For candidates out of Accra,Kumasi or Ghana, we believe that distance should not be a barrier to skills acquisition. We have a personalised virtual training programme that allows anyone to learn with us from any location.

  • Job Experience

    We offer you real client projects to allow them to sharpen their skills and to gain experience in project and client management.

  • Employment Opportunities

    We help our successful graduates find employment, internship and freelance project opportunities from local and international companies.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get started?

    Fill our application form and we will send you an email on how to get started.

  2. How much do I need to pay before getting started?

    We have flexible payment options for everyone. Once you reach out to us we can discuss payment terms and then you can get started. These are the prices and course durations.

  3. Do I need computer science background to start?

    You do not need any prior computer science knowledge. We will start training you from scratch and help you build up into a professional.

  4. Will I get a job or internship after training?

    Yes, we will help you secure a job or internship after completing the program.

  5. Is your training flexlible?

    Yes. We have flexible training schedules to accommodate students and workers.

  6. I am not in Accra or Kumasi. Can I do the training virtually?

    We are rolling out across the country soon. If you are not in Accra or Kumasi, you can still realise your dreams of becoming a software engineer by enrolling in our virtual program.

  7. Do you have a flexible payment plan?

    Yes. Talk to us to schedule a payment plan that works for you. These are the prices and course durations.

  8. Where is your office located?

    In Accra, you can find us at the Accra Digital Center, Mahama Block - Circle, Accra (Just after the Circle interchange from the VIP Bus Station towards Kaneshie).
    In Kumasi, you can find on the Kotei Gyinyase Road(Near KNUST), Covet Junction.

  9. When is your admission date?

    We admit every two months, 6 times a year in both Accra and Kumasi.

  10. What do I need to study?

    You need a laptop and in most cases, internet connectivity to study, collaborate with mentors and teaching fellows and work on projects.

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